Boulder Coaching

Human Nature Wellness, LLC - Sabrina Merz, MS, LPCC

*COVID-19 and Social Distancing Update*
*Half Off all Online Sessions*

I want to do my part to ensure that help is there for people who need it right now. To help increase accessibility, I am reducing my standard rates for online counseling services by 50%, effective until May 15 at which time all services will return to standard rate (unless other arrangements have been made). Price reduction will be enacted for both new and established clients.

In order to enact social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, I have made the decision to move all clients to online or telephone appointments for the foreseeable future. I have used secure video conferencing for therapy work for a couple of years already, and find most clients are making the transition easily. Please call or text if you would like to learn more.

Do you feel that there must be something more than this? Does it seem that your life lacks meaning? Maybe you find yourself stuck in a rut of the day to day grind? You may feel you are wasting your life staring at a screen. You know you are not achieving the productivity or lifestyle you want. I can help you bring a more active and accomplished approach to your future. Collaboratively we will formulate a plan to nurture the places in your life where you are unbalanced. My Boulder coaching clients find that through recharging themselves, they can offer more to their efforts – whether these be at work, home, or other areas of life.

When talking with me, you will benefit from the scientific training and conversation skills I developed when obtaining my Master’s degree. However, instead of counseling sessions that focusing on healing deficits, coaching sessions are based in forward movement and self development. You will set specific goals to elevate and refine aspects of your life. Action plans designed toward steady and achievable growth will generate positive change. You may want to work on effectiveness skills such increasing productivity, reducing procrastination, and time management. Or you may have those skills down, but need to incorporate more time in nature, prioritizing time for yourself, or develop your repertoire of self care and stress management tools. As a Boulder coaching client, you will have my support and encouragement as you design your goals, and create accomplishments that improve your life.

There are significant differences in my process when I work with counseling clients compared to coaching. To understand this better, see my Counseling or Coaching page. Coaching isn’t for everybody. To see if it is a good choice for you, reach out for a conversation.