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Counseling or Coaching?

    Adults coming to Human Nature Wellness choose whether they want to form a counseling relationship, or one based in coaching. As a counselor in Boulder, it is important to me that my clients understand the differences between these two modalities. This allows you to make a choice from an informed perspective. Coaching is only available to high-functioning clients. People who are here to work on past trauma, with issues which are causing them distress, or anyone with any sort of deeper need will be better served by counseling services.

    Counselinghind view of girl walking horse demonstrating equine therapy in a counseling session near Boulder

    Counseling may also be called psychotherapy. It is an in-depth clinical process that is shaped around a treatment plan and a scientifically based intervention process. Clients work in relationship with their counselor to examine past and present issues affecting their lives. Counselors may diagnose the client, and major goals include relief of troubling symptoms and improved future outlook.


    Coachingwoman in forest demonstrating nature therapy near Boulder in counseling with Sabrina Merz

    Coaching is a strengths based and future focused process for clients who want to concentrate on making specific lifestyle improvements. To be a good fit with coaching, clients should have mainly stable lives, and be free from mental health problems. In coaching sessions, the client identifies goals and a plan is collaboratively built to help you achieve these. Generally a set number of sessions are contracted for, with payment due when the contract is signed. Energy work such as Reiki may be included in coaching sessions.

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