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Talk, Nature, Equine and Play Therapies for Children, Teens, and Adults

Adult, College Student, Child, and Teenage Counseling

    I enjoy working with all age groups and find that my experiential style increases involvement and growth during the process. This is especially apparent when doing adolescent and teenage counseling. Positive engagement seems to be accomplished more easily when working with movement and a natural environment.

    Adult Counseling

    Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? Are you in need of healing after a difficult experience or life transition? Maybe you are experiencing depression or anxiety. Many people have times in their lives where they feel off track or lost. I am skilled at helping people develop or re-establish the life and relationships they desire for themselves. We will work together to identify and grow your strengths, so that you feel confident in creating your future.

    Counseling for College Students 

    Are you a college student struggling to manage expectations and responsibilities? Feeling depressed or anxious? Questioning your sexuality, gender, or life path? You may be here in Boulder on your own for the first time in your life, or feeling challenged by living with your parents. I can help you find your own sense of clarity and direction, in a nonjudgmental manner that honors your true self. We can improve your relationship and boundary setting skills, or explore patterns that may lead you to success or hold you back. I am skilled in helping people unearth their own desires and paths forward, and enjoy working with college students so much that I offer substantially discounted sessions to them.

    Teenage Counseling

    Has your communication or relationship with your teenager broken down? Do you feel like you are living with a toddler again? It is developmentally appropriate for teenagers to be working on asserting their independence and figuring out their identity. Support can be helpful through this challenging time of transitions. If your teenager is struggling with peer or school related issues, anxiety, gender or sexual identity, depression, or substance use, please contact me. I often utilize an outdoor environment and movement while talking. Adolescents seem to find this more tolerable than sitting across from a counselor in the office all of the time. Many teenagers also thrive with equine therapy. Working with horses is a way to explore issues and practice behaviors in a nonthreatening manner. Please give me a call to discuss options for your teenager and family.

    Counseling for Children

    I work with children ages 4 and up. When working with children, I often utilize the natural environment to meet children at their level. I believe that children express themselves better through doing, rather than only talking.  For this reason, I utilize play therapy when working with children.  You can read more about my work with children and play therapy on my play therapy page.



    “Overcoming difficulties leads to courage, self-respect, and knowing yourself.”
    -Alfred Adler

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