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Reiki and Coaching

    Do you feel that there must be something more than this? Does it seem that your life lacks meaning, or that you are stuck in a rut of the day to day grind? Many lifestyles do not support our body and soul’s innate need for time spent in connection and time spent in nature. I can help you take a holistic approach to feeling more fulfilled. Collaboratively we will formulate a plan to nurture the places in your life where you are unbalanced. My Boulder reiki and coaching clients find that through recharging themselves, they can offer more to their efforts – whether these be at work, home, or other areas of life.

    Of course when talking with me, you will benefit from the scientific training and conversation skills I developed when training to be a counselor. Additionally, coaching sessions are based in growth and development, and incorporate work based in energy and intuition. They may include reiki, movement, and meditation; as desired. Clients have great flexibility to elect to do what feels best for each wellness session. This may include walking through the aspen trees, work on a yoga mat, playing with the horses on our farm, or forest bathing in the woods. Gardening, horseback riding, and all sorts of aspects of health may be included in these sessions. We will creatively and collaboratively develop a plan to grow and nurture your true self.

    There are significant differences in my process when working with counseling clients and when doing wellness coaching. To understand the differences better, please see my Counseling or Coaching page. Coaching is not appropriate for all clients. To see if it is a good choice for you, reach out for a conversation.

    Curious about Reiki? It is a method of working with energy to invigorate a person’s life force and encourage alignment with health. More information can be found from the International Center for Reiki Training. My clients have reported that their Boulder reiki experiences are relaxing and inspiring. I have completed training and mentorship in Reiki of Usui tradition and am a certified Level II Reiki practitioner.

    In addition to work at the farm, I am able to offer floating, meditation, and reiki, at a nearby private oasis. Floats take place in a private, heated, indoor saltwater pool. A facility fee is added to the session cost.


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