Counseling and Therapy in Boulder and Nederland

Human Nature Wellness, LLC - Sabrina Merz, MS, LPCC

*COVID-19 and Social Distancing Update*
*Half Off all Online Sessions*

I want to do my part to ensure that help is there for people who need it right now. To help increase accessibility, I am reducing my standard rates for online counseling services by 50%, effective until May 15 at which time all services will return to standard rate (unless other arrangements have been made). Price reduction will be enacted for both new and established clients.

In order to enact social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, I have made the decision to move all clients to online or telephone appointments for the foreseeable future. I have used secure video conferencing for therapy work for a couple of years already, and find most clients are making the transition easily. Please call or text if you would like to learn more.

Image of growth during therapy in Boulder with Sabrina Merz

Human Nature Wellness offers counseling solutions to meet your needs, or those of your child. I have a conveniently located office for therapy in Boulder. Additionally, I offer a second location in a quiet mountain neighborhood in the foothills near Nederland. A recent Psychology Today article gives tips on finding a good fit with your counselor. I believe this match is important, so I offer a free introductory consultation. To schedule one, or if you would like to learn more, please get in touch.


I work with teens, adults, and families. If you are dissatisfied with how you feel lately, please reach out. My goal is to help you unearth your potential and create a life that feels how you want it to. Whether you are an adult in need of healing and growth or you have an adolescent in need of support through difficult life circumstances; I welcome the opportunity to work with you. You can change your life and feel better! My office for therapy in Boulder is conveniently located just off of Foothills Parkway.

Nature therapy

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus and social distancing, I have suspended nature therapy appointments. I will be reinstating them when the weather is nicer and the virus risk is lower. Please get in touch if you would like to be notified when I resume nature therapy services.

The Nederland office’s farm location is perfect for incorporating nature into therapeutic work. You can sit by the pond or in the tipi for sessions. Additionally, walk and talk therapy is offered so that you can roam the pasture while we work. Many people find they are more comfortable outdoors, and that movement helps the process.

Equine therapy

Unfortunately due to the coronavirus and social distancing, I have suspended equine therapy appointments. I am considering reinstating them in a limited capacity when the weather is nicer and virus risk lowered. Please get in touch if you would like to be notified when I resume equine therapy services.

Your counseling and growth can be assisted by horses. If desired, you can participate in equine therapy at the farm. Sometimes the solutions to our problems aren’t found in words but in motion. When you work with the horses to change your actions today; you can improve your reactions, relationships, and life moving forward. Equine therapy works whether you are comfortable with horses or have never touched one. We work with the horses on the ground and unmounted.

Online therapy

Please note that due to Coronavirus all appointments are offered online at this time and no in person appointments are being held. I have been doing counseling work online for a couple of years now and feel comfortable working with you in this format. Most of my clients have found the transition to online work easier than they expected.

There are many reasons people choose online counseling. Perhaps you feel more comfortable talking in the privacy of your home. You might not have transportation or childcare. Maybe you need to meet during your lunch hour or before work. Whatever your reasons to not come to the office for therapy in Boulder or Nederland, I offer online appointments. To provide this, I use secure and confidential video conferencing. It is easy, like using Facetime or Skype.