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Human Nature Wellness, LLC - Sabrina Merz, MS, LPCC

In order to comply with social distancing and safety precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic, I am only offering online counseling for teens, college students, and adults. All coaching and counseling sessions will be conducted via online or telephone appointments for the foreseeable future. I have used secure video conferencing for therapy work for quite some time and am comfortable working this way. Most office based clients are making the transition easily.

Please call or text if you would like to learn more.

Counseling for Teens

Being a teenager is really hard! The coronavirus and social distancing protocols have added challenges and taken away structures and routines, friends and teachers, and anticipated experiences. Many teens and their families are struggling with these changes and the uncertainty of the future. I can help your teen process, set realistic goals, and feel better. I provide a safe and non judgemental space when I am counseling teens, and encourage them to explore and emphasize their strengths. This allows adolescents to foster self growth, and work to process their experiences, thoughts and feelings. While doing so, teens also build confidence, coping and life skills, and healthier relationships. If your teenager is struggling with adjustment to the coronavirus, peer or school related issues, anxiety, gender or sexual identity, depression, or substance use, please contact me.

I’m finding online counseling for teens very enjoyable for most of my clients. Some describe that they feel more comfortable at home, and others feel more in their element when using a computer instead of face to face sessions. I have many engaging ways of working with teens using an online platform. When it is safe again to do so, I will return to having the option of office based sessions, as well as using an outdoor environment and movement while talking. Adolescents seem to find this more tolerable than sitting across from a counselor in the office all of the time. Many teenagers also thrive with equine therapy. Working with horses is a way to explore issues and practice behaviors in a nonthreatening manner. Please get in touch to discuss options for your teenager and family.

Counseling for Adults

Has the coronavirus thrown you for a loop? Your life may have been changed dramatically, or it may look pretty much the same but feel very different. Do you feel scared, stuck, or overwhelmed? Are you in need of healing after a difficult experience or life transition? Maybe you felt fine before all the covid craziness, or maybe you’ve been struggling for a while. You may be experiencing depression or anxiety. Many people have times in their lives where they feel off track or lost. I help people work through traumas and know that you can find your inner peace and way forward. I am skilled at helping people develop or re-establish the life and relationships they desire for themselves. We will work together to identify and grow your strengths, so that you feel confident in creating your future.

Counseling for College Students 

Are you a college student struggling to manage expectations and responsibilities? Feeling unsure about your path or frustrated with your recent experiences? The coronavirus may have changed your life or plans, or made you question things or see them differently. If you want someone to talk things through with, or are finding yourself feeling depressed or anxious, I can help with that.

College is a time of growth and learning – academically and personally. You may be here in Boulder on your own for the first time in your life, or feeling challenged by living with your parents. Some college students are frustrated at having been on their own only to have social distancing or other reasons return them to their childhood homes. I can help you process your stressors and create action plans to reduce them. I will work to help you find your own sense of clarity and direction, in a nonjudgmental manner that honors your true self. We can improve your relationship and boundary setting skills, or explore patterns that may lead you to success or hold you back. I am skilled in helping people unearth their own desires and paths forward.

Counseling and Coaching for Parents

Parenting is hard! Especially lately when we are not only being asked to parent, but fill in for teachers, friends, and other supports. Along with us, our kids are dealing with insecurity and dramatic changes to their worlds and routines. Being able to connect with our children is incredibly important, and it is understandable to need extra support at this time. I work with and support parents of teens and children of all ages. You may feel at a loss when relating to your child, or that you can never say the right thing. Teens need to assert independence, and struggle to balance that need with their need for you. Support can be helpful navigating these challenging times. I offer online counseling for teens and adults individually. I can also work with the family as a unit. I can help you with strategies to connect with your child or adolescent, and to care for yourself. Having four children myself, one of whom is now an adult, I can empathize with the struggles of parenting along all of the stages.



nature therapy and counseling for teens with Sabrina Merz


“Overcoming difficulties leads to courage, self-respect, and knowing yourself.”
-Alfred Adler