Online Counseling

Human Nature Wellness, LLC - Sabrina Merz, MS, LPCC

In order to enact social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, I have made the decision to move all clients to online or telephone appointments for the foreseeable future. I have offered secure video conferencing for therapy for quite some time and I feel very comfortable working this way.

Most of my face to face clients are making the transition to online work easily, and some are enjoying it more than coming to the office.

Please call or text if you would like to learn more or for a free initial consult.

Trapped at home and can’t go anywhere due to coronavirus? Adjusting to having the kids at home instead of school? Does your work schedule stop you from getting the counseling help you need? Maybe your busy lifestyle keeps you from accessing care. It may be that you don’t have childcare for a little one. Or perhaps other life obligations keep you keep you from a counselor’s office. It could be that you are too far away from Boulder to make the trip regularly. Or, it could be that you simply prefer to connect online. Whatever your reason for not coming to the office, I offer effective and confidential online counseling.

I strive to build counseling solutions that work for you. When the office re-opens, this may mean alternating online appointments with face to face ones. Or solely working through confidential telehealth video conferencing. Online therapy brings services into your home. It may help therapy feel more comfortable to you. Since online counseling is new, some people are concerned it won’t work. However, the benefits are documented. You can read research articles about online counseling here and here. Additionally, studies show that online therapy is as effective as face to face therapy. It also has similar satisfaction ratings. My online counseling services are available at flexible times. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss this as an option for your treatment.

demonstration of online counseling, therapy, and wellness coaching with counselor Sabrina Merz at Human Nature Wellness in Colorado