Play Therapy for Children

Human Nature Wellness, LLC - Sabrina Merz, MS, LPCC

If stress may be interfering with some aspect of your child’s life, such as relationships or success in school, play therapy may be helpful.

Children may experience stress due to their developmental processes such as beginning school or entering puberty. Stress may also arise in response to loss, peer relations, or being frightened. Sometimes children may not have an obvious source of stress, but may display characteristics of worry such as headaches and stomach aches, poor school performance, sleeping and eating problems, and behavioral symptoms. The general goal when working with children is to remove the obstacles to their development, so that they may return to the “work” of growing.

I believe the language of children is play, and they speak more easily through it than with purely verbal communications. Play therapy allows children a safe and supportive environment through which to work through their stressors. In addition to the play therapy tools in my office, my Nederland location on a farm in the foothills of Boulder county allows for counseling and play therapy to be brought outdoors and into nature. I am also able to provide equine therapy for children, combining horses into the therapy process.

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