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Picture of Sabrina Merz, online counselor in Boulder, Colorado

Sabrina Merz, LPCC

My name is Sabrina Merz. I offer counseling and coaching services based in Boulder, Colorado.

Are you struggling to adjust to life in the time of a pandemic? Many people are finding they need extra support in dealing with changed schedules, decreased time with family and friends, and work and money stress. It could be you have lost someone, or are afraid you are going to. You may be be crying more, or feeling numb or cranky. I can help you reduce anxiety and depression, realistically process your fears, and with stress responses to covid and social distancing. I’m an experienced online counselor, and can work with you safely from your home or another remote location.

It may be that dealing with the coronavirus and its effects are not your main concern or reason for seeking therapy. You may be here for support or to build your skills. Or, you may not know what you are looking for, but know you want something to change. Perhaps it seems as if you or your child are on the wrong path. You may be hurting or needing to heal from a difficult situation. If you are feeling less satisfaction in your life and relationships, or if your thoughts about yourself and others leading to you feeling stressed or sad, please reach out. Therapy can help you recover and grow. Additionally, counseling can help you find answers to your difficulties and achieve the life you want.

I am trained to work both face to face, and as an online counselor. I am only seeing clients via internet or telephone at this time. When I return to face to face work in the offices, my Boulder therapy office is conveniently located off of Foothills Parkway. I also have an office on a horse farm in the foothills near Nederland. This location allows for therapy work to include access to nature, forests, and horses.


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I am committed to helping you become the best version of yourself. I offer psychotherapy solutions for teenagers and adults, with all services being provided online at this time. My approach is non judgemental, and honors who you are. If you are looking to focus on improvement rather than healing, coaching may be right for you. Get in touch to discuss how I may be able to help you reach your goals.